Secrets Minister Nafsiah Mboi Avoid Senility

     Age 74 years did not dampen the spirit of the Minister of Health to undergo Nafsiah Mboi activities. As the time to follow a healthy path Alzheimer's Care in lane car free day, Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta, Sunday (09/21/2014). 

Wearing sneakers, Nafsiah do healthy way with dozens of elderly community (elderly) in commemoration of Alzheimer months. Some of the elderly suffering from Alzheimer's disease or brain disorder that causes dementia and mental decline. 

Nafsiah wearing a purple shirt that read "Do not Understand With Senile" it seems to follow the spirit of a healthy way with the elderly. 

What is the secret Nafsiah avoid senile and stay healthy at the age of 74 years? According to him, the elderly should remain active, happy, and enjoying the activities undertaken. 

"Have to think positive. I love my job. I enjoy, do your best," he said. 

Graduates of Public Health, Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium this does seem to enjoy his job. He always looks cheerful and occasionally joking when dealing with the public. 

"This I wear glasses for what? For style. Though age has more than 74 years, I can still style," he joked. 

Nafsiah said, since the teenager he always adopt a healthy lifestyle such as not smoking and drinking alcohol. He also multiply eat vegetables and fruits to reduce the risk of various diseases. 

Not only that, according to Nafsiah, regular exercise is also good for blood circulation and brain stimulus. However, this time Nafsiah claimed to have less exercise because it is busy with his duties as a minister. 

"I have almost no time sports. So brisk walking a day-to-day," he said. 

Doing positive activities and socializing also be one way of preventing the risk of Alzheimer's. According to Nafsiah, there is no age limit to be productive. "We must be active and productive at any age," said Nafsiah.