Heart Attack Symptoms Different from Men and Women

Heart disease is more commonly known as a disease of men because of the number of sufferers is largely adam. But women also need to be vigilant, especially because the symptoms are different than men. 

Typical symptoms of heart disease in men include severe pain in the chest, such as the elephant crushed, and shortness of breath. But even mild symptoms in women, there was no chest pain at all so it is often not realized. 

"In women usually feel very tired, limp, and also aches. Especially if you suffer from diabetes that the nerves have been damaged, the symptoms are often not felt," said dr.Jetty Sedyawan, Sp.JP (K), of the Foundation heart of Indonesia in Jakarta (10/7/14). 

Because the symptoms are mild, many women thought he just had a cold, stress, or ordinary colds, so do not go to the hospital. 

"Women tend to be late to the hospital so that complications are more likely to occur," said Jetty. 

The symptoms of other heart disease in women include extreme fatigue, pain that is not too pronounced, excessive sweating, pallor, nausea or dizziness. 

Compared to men, women are having a heart attack 10 years later. "This is because the female hormone estrogen that has a better fat profile and blood vessels more elastic," he said. 

However, this modern lifestyle that makes every person often experience stress, poor diet, smoking, and lack of rest, women can make heart disease more quickly.