Use the Right Antibiotics

The use of antibiotics is not appropriate or not appropriate medical indication increasingly prevalent. In fact, it can lead to disease-causing germs resistant to antibiotics. As a result, the treatment becomes longer and more difficult. 

Director General of Health Services Ministry of Health Referral Chairul Radjab Nasution, in a media briefing on Tuesday (14/10), in Jakarta, said the bacteria become resistant to antibiotics because of the increasing use of antibiotics is not appropriate. Thus, consumption of antibiotics is not appropriate medical indication. 

Habits of the people taking antibiotics freely without a prescription also causing disease-causing bacteria resistant to antibiotics. "It is estimated that 50 percent of antibiotics given to cases unnecessary, such as viral infections," said Chairul. In fact, according to the Director of Pharmaceutical Services Ministry of Health Bayu Teja Muliawan, antibiotics including hard drugs. Therefore, its use should be by prescription.

Control of Antimicrobial Resistance Committee Secretary Karuniawati Anis said infectious disease caused by bacteria can be treated by giving antibiotics. However, not all infections caused by bacteria. There is an infectious disease caused by a virus. 

Now any infection disease, people tend to consume antibiotics. In fact, the proper use of antibiotics is not going to make bacteria resistant to treatment becomes longer and more difficult. 

Related to that, members of the Control Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance, Taralan Tambunan, said, clinicians must refer to the WHO guidelines in giving the drug. Mentioned in the guidelines, the administration of drugs to be precise diagnosis, clear objectives, choose the right drug and the right to give it. 

Antimicrobial Resistance Control Committee Members, Purnamawati, asserted, children most often exposed to antibiotics because illness. However, antibiotics should not be given any time a child is sick because most of the pain suffered relatively mild and self-limiting, such as fever, cough and runny nose, diarrhea and vomiting.