10 Benefits of the Mangosteen Rind

10 Benefits of the Mangosteen Rind

   "Good news" about half the pericarp phenomenal, would have to be spread over a long period of time. Reason for this skin color fruit is considered bad, got a million of benefits.

Known as the tropical fruit mangos teen. It grows in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and several African regions. However, it is wrapped in a thick skin and dull.

Unlike oranges or apples are tempting though it seems from the outside only, mangos teen must be open before you find the pure white flesh. Sweet and fresh.

In the 18th century, the mangos teen has been proven effective for the treatment of various diseases and beauty. Many countries in Asia are made of traditional medicine. Even Queen Victoria admits.

Not only had the fruit, pericarp already got a million of benefits. The "wasted", the substance contains xanthenes as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, and anti-tumor.

Including a variety of sources, these 10 health benefits of mangos teen peel.

Free radicals
Active antioxidant xanthene’s in excess of 66.7 times and 8.3 times of orange peels carrot. You can heal damaged cells from free radicals. The substance is also slow aging.

Cardiovascular disease and other degenerative diseases can be prevented with the pericarp. In addition, the skin of the mangos teen that are usually enjoyed with Juiced also prevents damage to the physical and mental health.

Pericarp can also help you lose weight. Antioxidant xanthene’s hormonal imbalance causes an accumulation of fat in the body.

Mental health can be avoided with the pericarp. Xanthene’s can also balance hormone levels of cortisol associated with stress. Up, down and depressed mood improved.

Brain function decline can be prevented, because the skin of the mangos teen fruit contains flavonoids that will stop the damage of soft memory. Trigger neurological disorder Parkinson's has never been obsessed.

Have stomach acid? There is no need to worry about consuming the pericarp. Antioxidants can reduce the acidic contents of the stomach. Substance anti-microbial also fight bacteria and fungi in the stomach.

In addition to overcoming ulcer, digestive disorders such as diarrhea can also be prevented. So did with intestinal inflammation, because there pericarp content can inhibit the infection.

Kidney Stones
Ordinarily consume mangos teen skin facilitates urination. In this way, diseases like uterus or urinary tract infection and kidney stones will be expelled from afar.

Blood pressure
Pericarp containing minerals, such as copper, potassium and magnesium. Potassium may protect against stroke, because monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure.

Antioxidants protect not only from heart disease and stroke. It 'also powerful cancer prevention. Free radicals can cause oxidative stress. That is removed from the pericarp.

Red blood cells can be improved with the pericarp. The blood flow was smooth, and cleaned of blood vessels. Prevents disease atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, heart disease, and chest pain.