5 kinds of people most vulnerable suicide


   Caused the death of someone who committed suicide would cause deep wounds and shocking to the people closest. When the news of the death of actor and comedian Robin Williams that collect the pain of family, friends, and people who knew him. 
Suicide is usually the result of depression, a feeling of great sadness that can not feel the sense of life. In depression, a person will experience the chaos of thoughts, feelings and actions. Why could no longer enjoy life, decisions are often considered a better connection suicide. 
But apparently, in addition to depression, suicide may also occur in people with certain personality and behavior. So, what kind of person that indicates a high risk of suicide? 
1 Smoker 
The smoke is not only harmful to health physically, but also mentally. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine found that an increase in cigarette taxes associated with lower suicide rates in an area. They conclude, smoking is associated with such a reckless action. It is estimated that the impact of smoking on suicide associated with a given trait cigarette addiction. 

2 Teens with concussion 
Brain injury due to trauma can damage the health of the nervous boy who is still growing. A recent study found that concussions are also associated with premature death, which most often is the result of suicide. Teenagers who suffer from a concussion are three times more likely to commit suicide. 

3 Musician 
Steve Sack, director of the Centre for Suicide Research and professor at Wayne State Uniersity explained, the suicide rate among musicians than three times higher than the national average. This is why artists, including writers, actors, painters, or, more likely exposed to depression and suicidal thoughts. 

4 adults with Asperger's syndrome 
Asperger syndrome is one of the autism spectrum disorders. This condition can cause a person to have difficulty communicating and behavioral disorders. A recent population-based study in the UK showed that people with Asperger's nine times more likely to think about suicide at some point in his life. This may be because they tend to feel depressed because of social isolation, loneliness, not conquest, and unemployment. 

5 Teen adopted 
Many adopted teens who show signs of drug abuse at the same psychotic disorders. A recent study involving children from Minnesota revealed that 47 of the 56 suicides committed by adolescents are adopted. It is usually triggered by a family dispute, stress, school, environmental behavior, and negative mood.


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