Kidney Pain, Do not Doubt Undergo Treatment

  Kidney disease is a deadly disease. This disease slowly lose kidney function so that one day may lead to kidney failure. In these conditions only treatment option at regular dialysis or a kidney transplant that costs hundreds of millions.

Therefore, aat detected suffering from kidney disorder, a person must be received adequate therapy to slow the progression of the disease. However, there are still many people who think the consumption of drugs will only worsen kidney disease.

According to specialists in kidney disease and hypertension Faculty of medicine / RSCM Parlindungan Siregar, this is a misconception that needs to be addressed.
"People with chronic kidney disease should take medicine to prevent disease progression is too fast. Drugs taken long-term will not damage the kidneys," he said when contacted by Reuters Health, Friday (29/08/2014).
Chronic kidney disease is usually caused by other diseases such as hypertension or diabetes. Therefore, to prevent kidney damage increases, one must manage the disease cause by way of taking the drug regularly.
Parlindungan asserted, drugs needed to manage the disease need to be taken until the end of life. And drugs that had been designed for consumption in the long run so it will not damage the kidneys.
Drugs that long-term consumption can damage the kidneys are medications such as pain relievers ponstan or ibuprofen. Drugs of this type when needed it should be consumed only once in a while, not long term.
In addition to the consumption of drugs, to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease, hemodialysis or other therapy is known to layman's terms dialysis. Kidney is an organ that filters out toxins in the body. When the function of these organs is reduced then needed a way to remove toxins, and hemodialysis is one way.
To maintain fitness, Parlindungan also advise patients to control diet and physical activity. A recommended diet is a diet low in protein and does not contain too many vegetables or fruit.