Late Stroke Patients Often Taken to Hospital

   Such as heart attack, stroke is a condition that requires medical treatment as soon as possible. Moving quickly and correctly determine further the patient's condition. Unfortunately, the delay in stroke patients often taken to the hospital. 

Delay in treatment of stroke patients, according to dr.Nizmah, a neurologist from RS.Bunda Jakarta, mainly because of the people around the patient or the family does not know the symptoms of a stroke. 

"In addition, stroke is also sometimes do not cause pain and mild symptoms," he said in a media event held education run by Mother Neurocenter RS.Bunda Jakarta (26/8/14). 

The symptoms of stroke usually occur suddenly. Symptoms of stroke include sudden numbness or weakness attack in the face, arms or legs. In addition, patients may also experience difficulty speaking or understanding speech, severe headache, sudden loss of balance of the body. 

"Time is precious when a stroke occurs. Loss of time means more loss of brain cells," he said. 

Stroke occurs because the blood supply to the brain is impaired, whether because of blocked or burst blood vessels. And if the blood flow to the brain is blocked, the nerve cells of the brain does not get oxygen, cells die as a result. 

"If the brain does not receive a blood supply 5 minutes, it will die. Meanwhile in other organs may be longer, for example, the kidneys may be up to 20 minutes," said dr.Ibnu Benhadi, specialist in neurosurgery. 

Ibn said, once the symptoms appear, the patient should be immediately taken to hospital. Just stroke treatment tailored to the cause. If the stroke is caused by blockage of blood vessels or the so-called ischemic stroke, the doctor will give you blood thinners. 

Meanwhile, in a stroke caused by the rupture of a blood vessel or hemorrhagic stroke, surgery can be done.