Most Sweet Eating Can Make Slow brain

Most Sweet Eating Can Make Slow brain
Source : kompas

Definitely sweet drinks on any special occasion, including holidays,. Inadvertently, perhaps we have too much to drink. We recommend that you limit eating foods and drinks that contain too much sugar. 

The impact of sugary drinks not only in weight gain and tooth decay. A new study shows that eating lots of sugary drinks is also associated with memory problems and decreased learning ability. 

In a study by the University of Southern California, sweet drink, especially in children and adolescents, can be done fast and challenging form of forgetting to absorb new knowledge is revealed. 

Study Kanoski President Dr. Scott says, it's no secret that refined carbohydrates, especially those in soft drinks and other sugary beverages can interfere with the body's metabolism. Meanwhile, the new findings reveal the impact is being felt by the brain's ability to remember and learn, especially in children and adolescents. 

The researchers conducted experiments in mice using syrup high fructose corn that is made to look like the levels in soft drinks. Children and young mice were given a drink that shows a decrease in the ability to remember and learn. However, this effect is not felt by adult rats. 

The researchers stress, sweet drinks to be addressed not only soft, but also including apple juice, lemon drinks, sports drinks and other sugary drinks. Moreover consumption in children and adolescents, these activities should be limited. 

"The hippocampus is a brain area that is crucial, especially for memory function. In many ways, this area of ​​the brain may be damaged, especially by eating foods high in saturated fat and sugar," said Kanoski.