Risky Male Smokers Have a Sick Child

   Male smokers who want to have children should quickly stop smoking. Smoking is detrimental to the health of a pregnant wife when the baby. The baby is at greater risk of developing asthma. Even when the father had stopped smoking long before he was born. 

Research from Australia recently published found drinking alcohol, smoking or eating unhealthy harm the health of infants, even years before he develops in the mother's womb. Obesity and other health problems caused by an unhealthy lifestyle can be passed on to children and grandchildren. As if the prospective child programmed to have poor health. 
Research about cigarettes that were presented at the European Respiratory Society international congresses (ERS) in Munich is the first study in humans to analyze the link between smoking habits before pregnancy and dad asthma cases in children. The study analyzed the smoking habits of more than 13 thousand men and women through questionnaires. 
The scientists examined the link both the mother and father and see someone smoking duration before pregnancy, the incidence of asthma in children and whether parents stop smoking before pregnancy. The results prove that the non-allergic asthma were significantly occur in children with fathers who smoked before pregnancy occurs. 
The risk of asthma increased if the father smoked before age 15 The longer the father smoked, the greater the risk of a child developing asthma. However, no association was found between maternal smoking habits before pregnancy and cases of asthma in children. 
Dr. Cecile Svanes of the University of Bergen, Norway said policy makers should warn the men about a lifestyle that potentially affect the future of their children. 

"This study is important because it is the first to mengulik how the smoking habits before pregnancy can affect the father respiratory health of children. Seeing these results, we can conclude exposure to any kind of air pollution from exposure to workplace chemicals are also bad," he said. 
It is important for policy makers to focus interventions on young men and warned them the dangers of smoking and other exposures to the health of children born in the future.