Often Dizziness? Begin Reduce Salt Intake

  If you often feel dizzy for no apparent reason, it might be time to start reducing salt intake from food. Research has shown that reducing salt can relieve headache by a third.

Reducing salt intake approximately three grams a day is proven to reduce the dizziness. Three grams of salt alone is equivalent to half a teaspoon, or the amount of salt contained in french fries fast food restaurants.

Experts say, reducing salt intake can relieve headaches due to blood pressure and pulse rate drop.

Not only that, people with normal blood pressure also experienced reduced headache after they reduce salt intake.

In the study, researchers asked 400 random people adopt a low-fat diet that only eat fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products, or run a Western diet as the control group.

The participants eating foods with salt content of nearly 9 grams of salt a day during the period, which reflects that the average salt consumption in the United States.

Then the amount of salt is reduced to 6 grams of salt a day (the upper limit of the recommended daily salt) for the same period of time, before they end up doing low-salt diet is three grams per day during the final period.

The scientists found that reducing salt intake of 9 grams per day to three grams per day can reduce the dizziness to 31 percent.