Easy and Natural Ways to Overcome Oily Face

Easy and Natural Ways to Overcome Oily Face

   Do you have oily skin?, You do not have to be afraid if you have oily, oily it can slow down the aging face.

    Oily skin is the initial trigger for the onset of blackheads and pimples on your skin. Therefore, while having face with oily skin, look for products that many a person can deal with it briefly.

    But through the tips below, you certainly do not need to spend a deep, because the tips below are natural tips that can help you in overcoming oily skin. Here are some easy and natural oily overcome:

1. Cucumbers 

Take 1 piece of cucumber, cut 4 lengthwise. Then the inside of the seed in a little chopped and rub to a cleansed face. Let stand 10-15 minutes. Clean with warm water. Then wipe with a clean towel. After that give the moisturizer.

2. Bengkoang and potatoes 

Take yam and potato taste. Then puree, how do you soften up both ingredients separately, you can grind and use a blinder. After that make your face mask section that has been washed first. Use at bedtime in order to survive long in the face. In addition to the face to remove the oil, and potatoes Bengkoang can also shrink the pores on face

 3. Celery 

Take celery and cut into small pieces. Put the piece of celery earlier into a container of boiling water and let soak for 15-20 minutes. After that grab the celery leaves, and let the results of immersion into cold water (± 20-30 minutes). Then apply cold water celery are already on the face, and let it run until the water is absorbed and dries celery. After that, rinse your face with clean water. Perform this step once every 2 days.

4. Washing Advance 

Choose soap face wash for oily face. Then do not be lazy to wash the face with soap twice a day.

5. Facial Oil Paper 

When the face looks oily, use oil absorbent special paper by means of pat-nepukkannya slowly. Do not rubbing or irritation because you can make will be cluttered decoration.

6. Make Up 

Some material makeup, like foundation and powder, also can be used to control oil on the face. Select the type of talc powder to be able to absorb the oil like a sponge.

7. Sunscreen 

Excessive wear sunscreen can make the face look more oily. So limit the use of sunscreen if going out of the house enough.

8. Food 

Some of the food turned out to affect oil production in the face. For example, spicy food that turns out to make the face look more oily.

9. Creams night 

Some oily skin care also requires the use of a night cream. For the evening skin also works to regulate the water content and oil on the face.

10. Scrub or Face Masks

Every once a week, you should treat the face with a scrub, mask, or peeling. Select the appropriate product with skin sensitivity or use natural ingredients such as fruits to treat oily face.

 Hopefully my article useful ....!!!