Natural Ways to Prevent cancer

 Cancer is a disease that is extremely dangerous, and often haunting many orang.Tapi someone who has cancer does not mean they will be sentenced to death. Because in some cases, many patients can be cured. 

It is believed that foods that contain antioxidants to fight cancer. And antioxidants can be obtained from green tea, garlic, pepper, and fish. Besides lifestyle to avoid harmful radiation is also thought to be a safe way for cancer. 

1. Reducing sugar intake 

Need to know that my friend, the cancer cells in the body of each person and the cancer cells need sugar to grow. So dude needs to reduce the intake of sweets and starches such as potatoes, rice, and sugar. 

2. Stop smoking 

All smokers are exposed to the risk of cancer, let's see if you give my friend smoke in packaging a warning that smoking can cause impotence and cancer. This is because smoking causes most of the body is poisoned. Even for cancer smoker can attack not just one part of the body of any of the lungs, throat and mouth. 

3. Consume green tea 

From various studies have shown that green tea can reduce the risk of cancer if consumed on a regular basis. This is because green tea has antioxidants that fight cancer. But when my friend drinking green tea is sure friends do not add sugar or milk in it.

4. Reduce or even avoid eating alcohol 

Alcohol can increase the risk of cancer, especially for women. For women who consume alcohol frequently they will be more likely to develop breast cancer. Ok .. from now on to avoid alcohol 

5. Eating green vegetables and Organic 

Organic vegetables are very good to eat, and one of them is to avoid cancer. This is because the organic green vegetables do not contain pesticides, so as to help in the fight against cancer. So from now on, try to eat organic vegetables. 

6. Reduction of red meat 

Turns red meat can induce colon cancer. Because red meat contains saturated fat and bad cholesterol. 

7. Eating fish 

To fight cancer are very nice fish because they contain omega-3 fatty acids are a very important role to protect against the growth of cancer cells. But do not cook the fish very mature because they contain nutrients can lead to a loss. 

8. Eating Paprika 

Red and yellow peppers are also rich in lykopene that can help in the prevention of cancer. And therefore it is highly recommended to be consumed pepper for those who have a risk of cancer or cancer patients. 

9. Moving and sweating 

By moving and sweating can help eliminate toxins from the body. So to get a healthy sweat friends must exercise regularly. Do not try to exercise enough to walk or run on a treadmill on a regular basis is enough. 

10. Eating garlic 

Eating garlic is very useful because garlic can fight cancer at the same time able to increase the thickness of the body. 


With drinking water can help to remove toxins in the body. By drinking enough water every day to clean the body system friends. If my friend is no problem with drinking lots of water the kidneys every day. 

12. Use quality plastic 

A negative impact on cancer, especially plastic plastic low quality or bad because it can be transformed with the passage of time. So from now choose good quality plastic or, if possible, use containers other than plastic. 

13. Wearing masks 

Now the air pollution is very harmful for health. Even some of the big cities have air pollution levels similar to cigarette smoke is dangerous. So wear a mask to cover the nose and mouth so that it can avoid my friend poison that spreads through the air.