Grocery Probitotik Successor Yoghurt

Grocery Probitotik Successor Yoghurt

   Besides supporting gastrointestinal health, also has the benefit of probiotics in reducing blood pressure. Given the magnitude of the benefits of good bacteria, it was time for food sources of probiotics include in your shopping list. 

So far we only know maybe yogurt as a source of probiotics, but there are many other foods that contain good bacteria. 

- Kombucha 
This fermented tea is loaded with good bacteria. Although not well known, this drink has actually existed since the ancient dynasties in Chinese zamat. This tea is made from the blend of black tea with enzymes and amino acids. 

- Fermentation of plant 
Fermented vegetables have not only a longer life but also has the advantage that contains lactic acid bacteria good. One of the fermented vegetables such as Korean kimchi. 

- Miso and tempeh 
Fermented soy is also rich in probiotics, since it is made with lactic acid. 

- Kefir 
If you are a fan of yogurt, of course you've never heard of kefir. It is the world's oldest fermented milk. Kefir has long regarded as a health drink because it is fermented using a variety of good bacteria. 

- Old Cheese 
Some types of cheese, such as Gouda, Cheddar and Swiss, made ​​from lactic acid bacteria.