Healthy Food and Drink During Fasting

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   Do you eat heavy foods such as bread, fried foods and meat when new break can make your stomach ache knew. Therefore, blood sugar is triggered.

Because of that, there are some best selected food and beverage for consumption. Here is his review.


What is the first thing that is taken when breaking the fast? A delicious plate of food or a glass of mineral water? Most of us would probably choose the water, but the reality is most people will have a heavy food dish instead of drinking water first. During the fast, we will not consume food and drink for hours. In these circumstances, we will restrict the body's production of enzymes and the levels of blood sugar will drop. When lack of fluids in the body, we will face dehydration, difficulty concentrating, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. And to 'neutralize' the condition, you should drink water first to break the fast, new eat another plate.

Rich Fruit Water

At the break, the better and healthier if you eat fresh fruits rich in water such as watermelon or grapes. Fruits with high water content can be easily digested by digestion so that your body will be full of nutrients and energy back quickly.


In addition to fresh fruit, soup is a good idea as friend iftar. In addition to healthy, clear soups are not harmful to the stomach and easy to digest. Soup containing vegetables give vitamins 'injection' to the body. (Read: Avoid carbonated beverages cold during fasting)


Your stomach has adapted slowly to the food and drinks again, then it's time for the carbs! But not just any carbohydrates, eat potatoes. Sweet potatoes provide a number of suitable energy for the body after fasting. Sweet potatoes also contain beta-carotene, vitamin C and potassium. For variety you can mix your potatoes with cinnamon.


This food is not the idol of a lunch break. However, you can start from now. Besides being easy to digest, eggs are the easiest to restore the protein in the body shape. One egg provides 6 grams of quality protein and 9 kinds of essential amino acids to the amino acids the body.





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