3 Easy ways Eliminate Blackheads

 Here is some easy and safe way to remove blackheads:

1 Egg White
    Take a grain of egg whites and pour it into the bowl, continue to stir until foamy. After that, apply to face its existing blackheads, then cover with a tissue and wait a few minutes. After that remove the tissue slowly, and see how many blackheads are lifted.

2 Hot Water Vapor
    Prepare a bowl of hot water and add a teaspoon of salt, then Steam your face and nose with water vapor which has been added salt earlier wait for approximately 10 minutes. In addition to eliminating blackheads, also can accelerate blood circulation.

Mask 3 oranges
    Combine lemon juice, Glycerin, and Almond Oil. Then rub thoroughly in the face and nose, let stand a few minutes and rinse your face with clean water.