Do Familiarize Lunch at Work Table

   Lunch at the desk workers often done to save them time. These habits may indeed be able to make the time work was more efficient, but actually it is not for health. 
There are several health risks and increased hygiene when eating at your desk. This is why people need to leave the habit now. 
1 The work desk is not a clean place 
Research shows, the average bacteria that exist in the work table 400 times more than the number of bacteria in the toilet seat. Why? Just imagine, how many times you clean the table or computer keyboard before or after typing? Not surprisingly, eating at a table work not only adds to the dirty table but also makes your food is exposed to bacteria from the table. 
2 Bad to the digestive system 
When eating while working, the concentration will be more focused on work than on food. Therefore, eating at your desk will reduce the blood supply that should be plenty for the digestive system, into the brain and heart. 
When eating, the body requires relaxed atmosphere so as to reduce the stress on the internal and digestive health. Risks that might be felt as a result of eating habits on the desk is bloating, heartburn, and other digestive disorders. 
3 Bad for posture 
Sitting long hours at the desk would make the shoulder, back, neck, and leg pains. Go to lunch out is actually a good reason to leave the desk for a moment. Walking will make blood circulation more smoothly so the body more energized. 
4. not feel full 
When eating at your desk, you divert konsentasi of food to work. Because it is too concentrated in the work, people do not pay attention to the process of eating that trigger excessive intake. 
5. Lowered productivity 
Leaving a second work table is also useful to make the brain a rest. It helps refresh the brain and reduce fatigue. Move the body to walk to the cafeteria also helps facilitate the supply of oxygen throughout the body and brain. When eating at a table, the brain does not get it so that you become tired and bored.