Asphyxia, less oxygen Threaten Lives

   The legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams reportedly died on Monday (08/11/2014) afternoon. The 63-year-old actor allegedly committed suicide by asphyxiation in his body condition findings. 

Asphyxia blood condition characterized by lack of oxygen and high content of carbon dioxide. Can occur due to accidental asphyxia, such as inhaling helium, carbon dioxide, or hydrogen. Hanged himself also can make a person die from asphyxia. 

Gas such as helium is widely used for various purposes, such as bottled gas mixtures for diving or as the content of a gas balloon. The use of helium is also used for euthanasia of terminally ill patients, but in a way that does not "hurt". 

Several cases of suicide deaths due to helium is also commonly found, but police sometimes difficult to ascertain the cause of death by autopsy usual method. It takes special equipment to take gas samples from the lungs of the corpse. 

Asphyxia can also be experienced by the newborn so that he suffered fetal distress until death. The cause asphyxia parinatal is lack of blood flow to the fetus through the mother's umbilical cord, could be due to the condition of the mother, problems with the umbilical cord, or infant congenital illnesses. Asphyxiated baby sign is blue and pale body, and the baby does not cry spontaneously. 

Sometimes we do not realize being asphyxiated, for example, when the atmosphere in a region different from the previous, for example at a certain height in the plane. 

The human body will give signal to breathe because carbon dioxide levels in the body are high. Asphyxia can cause the body to "do not know" when we need a new oxygen. As a result, we will experience dizziness and fainting in the long run because the supply of oxygen in the body continues to decrease. 

Asphyxia can also occur due to complications of the disease, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, cough, asthma, heart failure, and infection. 

The symptoms of asphyxia include difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, paralysis, and coma....


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