Easier to Stop Smoking After Heart Attack

     Modern lifestyles lack of exercise, eat well and are often happy exposed to stress lead to serious diseases such as coronary heart disease.

"It used to coronary heart disease is experienced by those aged 60 years. Lately more often aged 30 and 40 years of coronary heart disease. Lifestyle causes young people affected by this disease. Though this disease is very easily prevented with a healthy lifestyle, "said Dr. Daniel Tanubudi, SpJP, heart disease experts from Eka Hospital BSD, Tangerang.

Heart attack symptoms of depression appear with a heavy load on the left chest, hot, nausea and vomiting. The pain was menjeler to neck, shoulder, left arm. "Patients may also experience pain in the gut such as stomach ulcers. Exit also cold sweat, "he said.

In these circumstances, the patient should be immediately taken to the hospital to get medical help. "Do not waste time. When a heart attack, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the entire body is reduced. If you waste time, the more heart muscle lost its ability to pump blood. The patient becomes easily tired when walking a little, "he said.

When this has happened, the options available to patients can be bypass surgery costing over 100 million dollars. "We can also get catheterization, an invasive procedure inserting a hose in the heart vessels. Part vessels are clogged given a balloon to a blockage of urgency. Then the stent mounted heart, "said Dr. Daniel. One sten prices range from 40-50 million.

Rather than spend hundreds of millions of dollars for heart disease, prevention is better not costly at all. "Stop smoking, keeping blood pressure remained normal, avoid obesity and diabetes. Do not be lazy to exercise, "he said.

Dr. Daniel realized very difficult to awaken people at high risk for a heart attack start to a healthy life. "They may now have not been exposed to. Five or 10 years from now they could have a heart attack. When it hit, it is easier for them to quit smoking and diet are healthier, "he said.