Efficacy of Turmeric Can Cure Cancer White

Efficacy of Turmeric Can Cure Cancer White

   Or herbal remedies derived from natural plants has become an alternative to conventional medical treatment. Herbs not only believed to cure common diseases. Malignant tumors or even cancer can be cured. 

Herbal treatment for his own cancer has been demonstrated by Eko Wahjuni. Wahjuni is a physician who suffered from cancer of the breast, ovary, lung, small intestine, to the bladder. He simply consume turmeric turmeric white or white to kill the cancer in his body. 

Wahjuni explained, white turmeric ribosome inactivating protein-containing substances (RIP). In the body, these substances will stick to the normal body cells are lacking. These substances then make the cells no longer proliferate. Cells also have age restrictions so that after a long time not breed, the cancer cells will die. 

"White turmeric does not kill, but make cancer cells grown infertile or not," said Wahjuni when met at Siloam Hospital, TB Simatupang, Saturday (06/09/2014). 

Wahjuni recognize these plants handed down from his ancestors. Efficacy of turmeric is white that he met then further investigated by a number of professors of medicine at the University of Gajah Mada (UGM). 

For consumption of white turmeric as a medicine, namely by taking the extract which is then inserted into the capsule. After the capsules to be taken according to the dosage that can be given by Wahjuni recipe. The dose given will be in accordance with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer that has been done. 

"But all of that prerogative, how the family, whether supportive or not with this treatment," said Wahjuni. 

Furthermore, not just any white turmeric plant are used. White turmeric for cancer drugs should be planted with peptisida free. White turmeric in capsule form was made without preservatives and monosodium glutamate. 

This white turmeric Efficacy has also been demonstrated by Betty Sitorus who had suffered from breast cancer. Having fully recovered from cancer, he did not need anymore mengosumsi white turmeric. Only, must keep a healthy diet. 

In addition to white turmeric, there are several other plants that nutritious treat cancer, the crown of the gods, noni, and soursop leaves. 

Wahjuni believed God had created plants with benefits in it. "I believe, the best possible man-made powder, better-made god," he said.