Too Many Side Effects Mengasup Healthy Foods

   Spend a packet of crisps or chocolate cookies while watching TV will obviously have an impact on increasing the scale needle. However, experts also warned that food too, although healthy, should still be consumed in moderate amounts. Excessive consumption there is any danger. 

Healthy diet and nutritionally balanced means we eat a variety of foods, so no mengasup the same kind of food continuously, despite the healthy food. 

Here is the effect of the consumption of healthy foods too often. 

Oranges and Tomatoes 
Both types of the fruit is rich in vitamins, but be careful because the acid content is quite high. Too often eat oranges and tomatoes can cause increase stomach acid and acid content in the long run will damage the wall esofagu. 

According to Gina Sam, gastrointestinal surgeon of Mount Sinai Hospital, consume no more than two servings of oranges or tomatoes every day. If you already have a reflux disorder, you should avoid these two. 

Canned tuna 
Due to practical and easily processed into various types of cuisine, many people are storing canned tuna in their kitchen shelves. However, consumption of canned tuna that is too often not recommended because of the mercury content in tuna is higher than other types of fish. 

Although soy can help control cholesterol levels and blood pressure if consumed in moderation, but soy can actually inhibit the absorption of iron. Therefore, too much soy mengasup can trigger iron deficiency anemia. 

Another thing to watch, soy contains estrogen-like substances that isoflavones. Consumption of these substances in the long term and too often can trigger disorders uterine lining. 

These vegetables are loaded with nutritious substances, ranging from lutein is good for the eyes, protein, fiber, and also a variety of vitamins and minerals. But spinach also contain high oxalate, a substance that can trigger the formation of kidney stones. Therefore patients who have suffered from kidney stones are advised to reduce the consumption of spinach.