Prevent Herpes Zoster Vaccination with

   A weak immune system, such as that experienced by the elderly, can make a person susceptible to varicella virus causes herpes zoster. Although there is no cure, but the disease can be prevented by vaccination. 

"With vaccination, the risk of herpes zoster can be minimized. If hit, the pain will not be as bad if not vaccinated," said Dr.dr. Andradi Suryamiharja, RS neurologist Graha Kedoya, the media event education about herpes zoster in Jakarta (30/9/14). 

According to research Shingles Prevention Study, shingles vaccine efficacy (HZ) in reducing the risk of disease reached 51.3 percent and prevent post-herpetic pain by 66.5 percent. For those who suffer from HZ, the vaccine can help reduce the pain that will be suffered by up to 61.1 percent. 

In addition, vaccination can help save the cost of treatment. "A study has tested the 1 million elderly people aged 60 years and over about the benefits of vaccination. Result, vaccination can save the cost of treatment and hospitalization of US $ 82 to 103 million (equivalent to USD 1 T)," said dr.Edy Rizal Wahyudi, Sp .PD of the Division of Geriatric Medicine Department of Medicine School of Medicine. 

The effectiveness of HZ vaccination can last up to 10 years. "That is still in the research is, if after 10 years, a person should be vaccinated again," said dr. Edy. 

Early symptoms of HZ is often not visible, but can be felt like the onset of itching, tingling and burning sensation on the skin. A few days later a red rash that forms the fluid-filled bubbles appear and it took up to 30 days until all these pimples disappear by itself. 

The rash that appears often accompanied by pain ranging from mild to severe and that feels mapir always occurs on one side of the body or face. 

Someone who had suffered HZ should be given aggressive treatment. "Patients should be given antiviral therapy within 72 hours after the pain appeared," said dr.Andradi. 

In some people, shingles can cause long-term pain disekal with nuralgia term post-herpes. Of course, these conditions can affect a person's life, both physical, psychological and social life.