Targets Indonesian Government Free Rabies 2020

   Indonesian Indonesian government declared free of rabies in 2020 was made ​​considering the rabies program is one of the deadly disease in the form of an acute infection caused by rabies virus. The virus is transmitted through bites, scratches, and licks of rabies positive animals, such as dogs, cats, and monkeys. 

Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) Ministry of Health, Purwadianto Agus said, the death rate of people with rabies reaches 100 percent. 

"Some provinces in Indonesia still endemic rabies. Unfortunately rabies death rate of 100 per cent.'s So one problem. Avian influenza mortality rate 83 percent, 53 percent ebola. So really the most evil is rabies," Agus said in a ceremony to commemorate World Rabies Day in Langsat Park, South Jakarta, Sunday (09/28/2014). 

Agus said, to prevent contracting the rabies virus, the obligatory pet vaccinated. Similarly, the wild animals. Not only animals, people are often associated with animals should also be vaccinated antirabies. 

"Pet owners, their families, the police used to take the dog, it should be vaccinated," said Agus. 

Agus explained, the Ministry of Health and a number of parties have managed to reduce the number of rabies transmission from the year 2012 as many as 84 750 cases to 65 097 cases in 2013 DKI Jakarta itself has been declared free of rabies since 2004. 

IN the same place, the Vice Governor of Jakarta Tjahaja Basuki Purnama said, needs to be increased public awareness about the need for vaccination to prevent the spread of rabies virus. The public also needs to be given the knowledge of vaccination. 

"I just had to wonder what humans should be vaccinated with rabies? We could just wrong perceptions," said Basuki. 

To increase public awareness, Jakarta Provincial Government and PT Novartis Indonesia and the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) held a healthy way with one accord Protect titled "World Rabies Day: Love Your Pet, Love Your Health" in the Garden Langsat. 

They gathered brought his pet such as dogs and cats to mark World Rabies Day which falls today. Activities completed this education campaign was to create Indonesia Free Rabies in 2020.