When Cough, Honey and Lemon More Effective Than Medication?

  When coughing attack, there are people who went straight to cough but most prefer the traditional way like drinking lemon juice and honey. Actually which is more effective? 

In the website of the National Health Service (NHS) UK, mentioned that in fact only a little scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of cough medicines. However some ingredients in cough medicines do reduce symptoms that interfere with, for example, reduce fever or stuffy nose tackle. 

Experts in the NHS actually recommend the use of "drugs" simple and inexpensive as using honey and lemon to treat cough while. 

"There is no quick way to get rid of a cough caused by a viral infection. Diseases such as these usually disappear after the immune system against the virus," the experts wrote in the site. 

Research conducted two years ago also revealed that many popular cough medicines do not work as they claim in the ads. Most cough medicines also have low quality, even too much sugar. 

"The scientific evidence behind drug-Obata cough is very weak and there are no studies that say the drug can reduce the duration of illness," said Dr.Tim Ballard, a representative of the Royal College of General Practitioners. 

Experts also confirmed that cough medicine is not curing cough but help reduce symptoms. When suffering from a cough to know is to recognize the symptoms of the most disturbing and selecting the most appropriate product. 

Although for a short cough is more advisable to use natural ingredients, but for a cough that lasts long enough to see the doctor still recommended. 

"If the cough last a long time, for example, more than a week, the child suffered, or coughing out blood, causing shortness of breath, or high fever, consult a doctor," he said.