Cracks marriage Damaged Heart Health

Cracked marriage proved to be a heart health. A study found that people, especially women, who for decades was in conflict with the couple tends to heart disease.

The discovery of cracks marriage and heart disease was found in his wife proved. This is most likely because women tend to be more deeply felt negative emotions than men.

The study also recommends marriage counseling should be done on the old couple and also those who are just starting married life. "Marriage counseling focuses largely on young couples. Our study shows that the quality of marriage also takes a couple of older age. Even for couples married 40 or 50 years , "says sociologist from Michigan State University Hui Lui.

This latest discovery supports previous research conducted Lui, that they are unhappy with their partner at risk of suffering from depression, high blood pressure and even heart disease.

While the happy marriage nourish the body, experts believe the stress of marital cracks can bring depression. Marriages do not succeed causing culprit smoking and drinking alcohol increases levels of stress hormones in the body.

One study found people who had a big fight with her partner and also had a history of depression tend to suffer from depression. Both of these factors are suspected to change the way the body processes foods high in fat.

In his latest study, Lui and his team analyzed data from about 1,200 five-year-old married couple 57 to 85 from the beginning of the study. All study participants questioned the quality of marriage and studied the level of heart attacks, strokes and blood pressure.

The study is published in the online journal Journal of Health and Social Behavior. Concluded that there is not a happy marriage tinged argument, criticism and demands more harm than the heart of a loving marriage. Also demonstrated that impact the quality of marriage on heart health and blood vessels is more pronounced in older age couples.

Over the years the stress of an unhappy marriage becomes more dangerous because in old age decreased immune function and body so frail. Women, but not men, is also seen declining marriage quality as a result of heart disease. This is because istrilah who provide support and care for a sick husband, not vice versa.

"Thus, a bad wife's health can affect how he assesses the quality of the marriage. But the poor man's health does not spoil the view of men to marriage," said Liu.


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