Health issues are considered important by the midwife

Midwives play an important role in reducing maternal mortality rate (MMR) so they must be competent and have sufficient knowledge. The midwife also seeks to enhance knowledge of various kinds of information.

Based on the survey results Edelman Healthcare Professionals Survey 2014, when asked to rank the eight major health issues ranging from the most important, the midwife said the health of mothers (48 percent) and pregnancy (21 percent) as primary. However, nutritional problems lowest priority (2 percent).

"The issue of nutrition and breastfeeding be the lowest," said Senior Manager of Social Engagement Health and Human Services Edelman Indonesia, Arie Rukmantara explaining the results of the survey on Tuesday (11.11.2014).

The next issue is the problem of reproduction (10 percent), followed by the child health (5 percent), family planning (5 percent), prevention of HIV / AIDS (5 percent), and exclusive breastfeeding (4 percent).

The survey was conducted on 600 midwives in 7 cities, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Makassar and Denpasar. Arie explains, these midwives were a lot of searching on the Internet and television media. Unfortunately, based on the survey results, they do not verify the information received.

According to Arie, the need for monitoring the accuracy of the data from the Internet and television so as not to be misinformed for midwives. The midwife also should first verify that the information he got from the media.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Midwives Association of South Jakarta branch, Sri Indiah said, all information about pregnant women are equally important. "Nutrition is very important so that the baby is healthy, breastfeeding also. Otherwise exclusive breastfeeding, growth is less than perfect," he said.

He considered, additional information is sought midwives on the internet only current information. According Indiah, during these midwives have regularly participated in the exchange of information to increase knowledge. "So whenever there is a meeting, new information to share," said Indiah.


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