Many People Not Aware He Suffered Diabetes

Diabetes or a disease characterized by high blood sugar levels is actually quite a lot of diseases suffered by the community. However, most people with diabetes do not realize it because they never perform the examination.

Recent data issued by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 2014 showed that 9.1 million Indonesian people living with diabetes. Approximately 70 percent of the total cases of undiagnosed diabetes and usually only discovered when complications arise.

According Prof.Achmad Rudijanto, Sp.PD-KEMD, there are several factors that cause many cases of undiagnosed diabetes. "The lack of knowledge society and also one of information makes a lot of people do not recognize the symptoms of diabetes. For example, people who had been fat and being thin even happy. Or, he often pee because he thought it was due to a lot of drinking. In fact, it could be a symptom of diabetes," he said in the Indonesia Diabetes Leadership Forum in Jakarta (11/13/14).

In addition, said Achmad, people's access to health services also make a lot of people did not immediately checked himself when there are health problems, especially in remote areas.

In fact, with appropriate treatment, people with diabetes can live a healthy and productive so that further complications of the disease can be prevented.

October 14 is celebrated as the International Diabetes Day is expected to be a momentum for everyone to be more aware of their health.

"At the moment that needs to change is the mindset of the people. So have diabetes risk factors, such as obesity, have a family history of diabetes, or high blood sugar during pregnancy, do early detection," said Prof.Sidartawan Soegondo, Sp.PD-KEMD, in the same event.

If there is no change in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, diabetes pandemic is feared to hit Indonesia faster. In case of Indonesia, which is expected demographic bonus terjadai in 2030 it can be turned into a burden on society and the economy because diabetes is a chronic disease that requires costly.