It's Time Men Take Role in Breast Cancer Prevention

Whether we realize it or not, the conversation about breast cancer and its early detection and prevention, as splitting the gender differences. Ordinary people got the impression that this issue is a matter solely womanhood. Symbols ribbon with pink colors, as if to reinforce "the women's affairs".

So, do not be surprised if the conversation about prevention and early detection of breast cancer is only about two things. First, technical issues such as procedures for early detection and treatment should be done. Second, the "impression" minimal role of men as subjects in the discussion of this issue.

On the basis of this reasoning, it seems it's time we initiated education and raise the issue of the role of men, especially in the realm of prevention and early detection. There are three things worth factual revealed here for grabbing attention, as well as carrying the underlining reason for men to play a more significant. First, the fact pragmatic, second, the fact relations, and thirdly, the medical facts. Let we discussed here.

three Reasons

First, pragmatic reasons. For this reason, we need to be honest and open that, sorry, the breast of a woman can not be considered as an "asset" to be his own personal self. In the private sphere, organ results gorgeous design of the Creator is in fact "share" ownership with men.
Maybe not in the period before puberty. But afterward, a teenage breasts begin to be "targeted" the eye of men. Then in courtship, this exotic region became the target finger "creative".

Entered a phase of marriage, the long duration, at least pre-menopausal, this seductive body parts "colonized" and "explored" exhausted wholeheartedly by the husband. Is not that in fact the story? And, is not it should be prosecuted guy "remuneration" it?

Secondly, the reason relation. In the course of his life, women can not be separated from the male accompaniment. As a child, he accompanied his father at birth and future growth and development to release it as a woman who will build their own families. As a wife, she was accompanied by her husband even since pre-marriage in the state as a boyfriend.

Third, medical reasons. Based on data released by the National Cancer Institute, men are also likely to develop breast cancer. Although men do not produce breast milk, tissue and cells in it remain at risk of developing cancer.

In figures, cases of breast cancer in men is less than one percent of the population. But keep in mind is not about the amount, because of cancer in men still will degrade the quality of life, even fatal. This fatality could even be higher than women because men awareness is still lacking, so late seek medical attention.