Which are the Most Happy Countries in the World?

We all dream of a long and happy life in a clean, orderly, and clean air. Actually, where is the best place in the world make happy?

An index of 151 countries in the world express clearly part of the world that provide a long and happy life for its citizens.

The results may surprise you, Costa Rica, Colombia and Vietnam are in the top ranking in the competition. Indonesia's own ranks 15th. While the UK ranks 44th, ahead of Germany (47), Spain (62), Canada (65), Australia (76) and the US (105).

The map was prepared by Movehub relocation sites that use data from the Happy Planet Index (HPI), a global measurement of sustainable prosperity.

The measurement parameters is not just wealth, but the extent to which the state gives a good life expectancy, happy, ecological footprint.

In a world map is displayed, the size of it is made in accordance with the traffic lights, green for good achievement, yellow and red for mengenah value means bad. In this data collection researchers asked directly the views of people in each country.

Here are the three components that assessed:

Welfare: In this parameter respondents were asked to imagine a life expectancy in the country such as climbing stairs. Where 0 represents the worst life and 10 the best life.

Life expectancy: In addition to the well-being, Happy PIanet Index also includes important universal measure of the health and life expectancy. Peneligi use the data life expectancy of the UNDP Human Development Report in 2011.

Ecological footprint: HPI uses an ecological footprint that is promoted by environmental charity (WWF) as a measure of resource consumption. This is a per capita measure of the amount of land needed to sustain a country's consumption patterns.

Two of these factors lead directly to happiness. While the ecological footprint is considered as sustainability, namely whether a country can keep its citizens without outside help.

The map also does not take into account the size of the internal inequalities and issues of human rights in which some countries such as Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia has a very high number.