Vigilant, Electronic Cigarette Enchanting Children

The advent of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes is feared to be a gateway for new smokers, namely children. Concerns that can be seen from the results of a recent study in Wales which shows more children aged 10-11 years to try electronic cigarettes than regular cigarettes.
According to the survey, of 1,601 pupils, as much as 6 percent have tried electronic cigarettes and 2 percent tried regular tobacco cigarettes. Meanwhile, 14 percent of students who have tried electronic cigarettes was also claim may decide to smoke in the next two years. This study was recently conducted on students in Wales and the UK Public Health.
Electronic cigarette uses a battery that has a shape like a pen or a cigarette. Electronic Cigarettes also contain liquid nicotine which can be harmful to health.
Children who tried electronic cigarettes are feared to try smoking a regular at a later date. To that end, the children need to be supervised on electronic cigarettes in order not to become new smokers.

Minister of Health in Wales, Mark Drakeford said, the results of the study strongly suggests the impact of the emergence of electronic cigarettes in children and adolescents.

"I am concerned with the use of electronic cigarettes can act as an entry point to go back to regular cigarettes, especially for the generation that grew up in a smoke-free society," he said.

Chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, Penny Woods said the research is interesting because it can see how many kids who have tried electronic cigarettes.
According to him, the electronic cigarette is a new technology that needs to be monitored, especially of children. Someone previously expected not tempted to smoke electronic cigarettes.
The World Health Organization (World Health Organization / WHO) had already stated that electronic cigarettes, despite lower levels of nicotine than regular cigarettes, still pose a threat to health.

According to WHO, the electronic cigarette is growing rapidly among adolescents. Until now there are 466 known to have an electronic cigarette brands with approximately 8000 taste.