Less Sleep, Weight Up

Many people underestimate the benefits of sleep for health. In fact, lack of sleep can cause a variety of effects, one of which make weight gain.

New research published in the journal Cell shows, the negative effects of irregular sleep patterns can be detected at the lowest level of our biological system, in every body bacteria. Sleep patterns and diet unstable will cause negative changes in the metabolic intestinal bacteria.

This change is related to the degree of obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and susceptibility to infection.

Previous studies also showed that the pattern of irregular sleeping and eating can cause weight gain. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity found that rats fed during the day (hours they usually sleep) body weight more than doubled as body weight of rats fed the same diet during the time they wake up naturally.

Lack of sleep can also cause hormonal fluctuations that can make a person almost impossible to lose weight.

Research conducted at Stanford University showed that sleeping less than 7.7 hours a night creates an imbalance in the hormones that regulate appetite and satiety, so you feel hungry all the time but the food eaten does not satisfy you.

The third study shows the effects of the damage caused by sleeping and eating patterns are irregular. Working the night shift or air travel may often interfere with our routine, but more often we create own conditions. For example, by waking up late watching television, eating too late, or at the screen of the gadget in the hours should we sleep.

getting a break

• Prepare early. Get ready for a long nap before my breaks will ensure that once you stay drowsiness came into the blanket and closed his eyes. Conversely, if you are new to wash up or make sure the door was locked after getting sleepy eyes, can be refreshed when you actually get into bed.

• Turn off the computer an hour before bed. Playing komouter in his spare time in the late night sleep is actually a killer. Excitement roam in the virtual world instead of wasting time break you need. Bright light from the screen can disrupt circadian rhythms gadgets you, which leads to restless sleep.

• Stop eating from 20:30. Eating at night is a strategy to stay awake. If you close the kitchen after dinner, you will feel ready for bed early and sleep better (because you will not digest all the food). You will wake up because really hungry for breakfast and prepare a healthy diet for the whole day.

• Start the morning with a preparation time of the night before. Prepare what you will be taking the next day the night before. Whatever you managed to do when tomorrow night will accelerate activities and allows you to rest easier and longer.

• Do not check the phone for a chat before bedtime. You may read something that is disturbing, and if answered, you will find yourself awake after successfully sent. Unless something important, just ignore incoming messages to your mobile phone.

The key to a better, more regular sleeping habits are re-engineering of your evening. Select two of the small solution above (or come up with their own), practiced faithfully for four weeks, and you will soon find a new routine that naturally lead to more regular sleep.


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