Cancer Prayed, Selena Gomez Advise The Hated

Cancer prayed, Selena Gomez Advise The Hated

   Being a superstar is not only the idol of many people, but also of reproach few people who are jealous of him, one example is the teenage singer Selena Gomez is under attack from pembencinya in cyberspace. In his personal account Instagram, fan threw a rant against the artist.

As reported in UsMagazine (15/07/14) book written for pembencinya, he accidentally screenshots and display to be divided into 10.8 million followers, followers in social media, Selena wrote, "Burned in Hell with cancer" he wrote, but the guy Justin Bieber is the answer with the words of the sages.

"Your comments about cancer does not make sense. Hurting Young Women," writes Selena. Then he said, he has been through various ups and downs with friends and family.

"You can not hate someone, and pray for what might happen to you or your family," he said. "You can not win the hearts of those who, in this case," he added.

"Believe me. Educate yourself. God bless love. Be an amazing woman. 'Re Beautiful," he concluded.


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