How to Eliminate Blackheads Most Easy

How to Eliminate Blackheads Most Easy

   Pimples are often roost in women who have an oily nose. The black spots on the nose to make self-confidence diminished. The face and nose instead bombed expects smooth black spots are annoying. It looks dirty and makes people think that people who Slob.
In order not to disturb the appearance of blackheads problem, you can do these tips:

Regularly rub the nose
Blackheads usually appear as piles of dead skin cells. So it must be performed with diligence scrub to help remove the dead skin cells pile. Use the nose or special exfoliating facial scrub. You can also use baking soda (usually for cooking ingredients) is mixed with a little water for washing the nose.

Peel Mask
Orange peel contains vitamin C and acid that can help overcome the black blackheads. Eating oranges, do not remove the skin, so you can make a natural mask. Mix the orange zest and mix with honey or plain water. Rubbing the nose, let stand for bed, then rinse in the morning.

Instead of using Pore Pack Punch

Sometimes we see a lot of blackheads on the nose discomfort. Hand desire to squeeze pimples and blackheads remove annoying way. But this way you can really make a red nose, abrasions and even damage. Make sure you only use the Pore Pack. If you want results rather leave it to a beautician for special tools.