Historic Yacht Club into a culinary school


   At the age of nearly 90 years, Yacht Club Hotel in Port Elizabeth has seen better days. 
But thanks to the efforts of the city of Port Elizabeth and Port Isabel Economic Development Corporation, the historic hotel was restored and renovated as the first culinary arts institutes in the city. 
Port Isabel City Manager Edward Meza said the city has received a grant from the Department of Economic Development Administration of the Department of Commerce to fund the Culinary Arts Institute of Port Isabel $ 1.2 million. 
The institute will have a fully functioning restaurant and kitchen and includes a kitchen incubator in the historic Yacht Club Restaurant and hotel in the 700 block of the street Yturria in Port Isabel, according to the grant proposal by Reyna Network. 
The proposal, said he hoped that the creation of new jobs to serve around 92-155 full-time students per semester. 
Meza said the city is in the process of buying Yacht Club for $ 750,000.