Ebola vaccine available Less than a year

   It is expected that the vaccine for Ebola virus to be available in less than a year. Since the current Ebola outbreak killed nearly 1,000 people in West Africa, a number of research groups vying to produce a vaccine against the deadly disease. 

One of the developers claimed vaccine, Ebola vaccine is ready for human use within six to 10 months ahead .. 
Schenell Matthias, director of the Jefferson Vaccine Center Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, explains, vaccines developed with researchers at the National Institute of Health in the United States on the basis of the rabies vaccine. By attaching the Ebola virus rabies, researchers can create a vaccine that can protect both for Ebola and rabies. 
"The effectiveness of this vaccine in humans is still difficult to predict. Rabies vaccine works well in the human body, but for other vaccines, the development has to be seen for the first time. This is despite that form the antibodies, but the body does not get sick, "he said. 
Vaccines are made Schnell and his team work by stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies that can fight three strains of Ebola virus, among others, are currently strain Zaire is endemic in West Africa, and the virus strains from Sudan and Marburg. 
So far, the new vaccine tested in monkeys. And the result, the virus is highly effective in the fight against Ebola Zaire strain infection. But before that is widely marketed, the vaccine must pass a series of clinical trials or trials in humans to determine in advance the safety and efficacy. This process will likely take up to three years. 
"But if sufficient funds, this process can be accelerated so that next year, the vaccine is ready to be marketed," he said. 
Meanwhile, a number of experts who are not involved in the study called for vigilance on this new vaccine. For example, Sunil Kumar Sood, a specialist in infectious diseases at Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, New York, who said the vaccine has not been tested in humans so it is impossible to say how the potential of this vaccine pediatrician. 
"Many vaccines are in early trials showed good results, but not suitable for humans, as it does not stimulate enough antibodies or can not be tolerated by the human body," he said.