Factors That Affect Kidney Stones Again

Factors That Affect Kidney Stones Again

   Kidney stones can actually be eliminated with medication or laser technology, but also interfere with kidney stones easily arise again. The risk of recurrence of kidney stones are not the same in all people, and that there needs to be a way to predict how much risk around the world. 

A study published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology intended to find accurate way to predict the recurrence of kidney stones in the shape of the future. They say that in this way can help patients and physicians to determine the necessary precautions. 

The manner intended by the researchers in the study were asked 11 questions from people who have kidney stones. The goal is to determine the risk of developing kidney stones in two, five or 10 years. 

The researchers found that the recurrence of kidney stones are associated with risk factors such as younger age, male gender, family history of kidney stones, blood in urine, uric acid kidney stones, kidney stones on the stage, and others. 

The detection method was developed using data from 2,200 adults in the United States who have kidney stones during 1984-2003 More than 700 people developed kidney stones back in 2012. 

A kidney stone is a solid material consisting of certain substances contained in the urine. Small weaknesses menyembabkan stone, but larger stones can get stuck in the urinary tract, causing tremendous pain. 

Dr. Andrew Rule Mayo Clinic created this way with his colleagues say that, if the patient is known to have a high risk of recurrence of kidney stones, then they will have a better suggestion for a diet or take medication that helps prevent kekakambuhan. 
"Meanwhile, those who have a low risk may not have to go through," he said.