Plant Food Flavors Happy

   When the mood is bad, some of us can eat favorite foods right mood. Choose foods that are certain types of hormones trigger the release of dopamine in the brain. These foods will bring happiness. 

1 Natural Foods 
As much as possible eat a natural food made at home, which is the material that can be grown in the garden. Avoid processed foods that have been completed. "A lot of research in the field of nutrition and neuroscience reveals who consume modern processed foods have increased depression, anxiety, mood swings, hyperactivity and many types of mental and emotional problems," said Dr. Drew Ramsey, a psychiatrist and blogger from the Huffington post. 
2 salmon 
Salmon and other fish rich in omega three fatty acids play an important role in mood and keep our sanity. Research has shown that these healthy fatty acids have the benefit of protecting the body from depression. In fact, there are other studies that show omega three fatty acids reduce the anxiety experienced by medical students. 
There are also sources of omega three in a cheap mackerel. These fatty acids are also found in nuts. 
3 Almonds 
Amond containing compounds called tyrosine. It is a production builder generating the neurotransmitters dopamine and the mood in the brain. That means eating a handful of almonds not only improve the health of the heart and blood vessels due to the fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids and a double. But also boost the mood of sadness. 
4 blocks 
Apples are rich in a substance called quercetin, senywa that protects brain cells from attack by free radicals that can damage the edges of neurons. 

5. chocolate 
Most women eat chocolate when you feel sad. Besides delicious and rich in antioxidants, chocolate does help reduce anxiety. Those who are often anxious or without anxiety ridden, chocolate milk can help reduce anxiety. Those who have a history of frequent anxiety affected the black chocolate is best suited for them. 
6 watermelon seeds sunflower 
Pumpkin seeds are also rich sunflower tyrosine useful boost mood. Kuaci cap sun ​​also has vitamin E and selenium. Vitamin E is beneficial to maintain a healthy heart and blood vessels. 

7 Know 
Tofu is also a source of tyrosine. Besides knowing the source of heart-healthy soy protein. Soy protein source is also good to reduce the symptoms of menopause.


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