Sports Have an Effect Make Happy

     Sport is not only good for the health of your body. More than that, exercise can make a person a feeling of being happy. 
Researchers from the University of Vermont found that by exercising just 20 minutes can make a better mood for 12 hours. Exercising can affect a person's mental state when in a bad mood. 

However, sports are generally not used for someone to treat their mood. Most exercise undertaken when not feeling very happy or sad. When sad, people usually just doing unhealthy activities such as smoking, overeating, or drinking alcohol. 
People who are actively doing physical exercise, feel happier in his life. Why? Because exercise can increase endorphins, known as the hormone of happiness and good for your brain. Then, exercise can reduce stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline that triggers the body. Sports proved to be a drug used to treat depression and anxiety. 
A person who is exercising 30-60 minutes three or five days a week will have a healthy life based study of US Department of Health and Human Services. Researchers show, walking a short distance can improve mood even better. 
Happify, a site that aims to help people create happiness through science-based activities and games, giving tips on how to make your sport or physical exercise more fun so make happy. 
strength training 
Exercise the power to make us feel better. Strength training such as lifting weights can reduce depression, anxiety, and make you feel more valuable. Studies of Rutgers University states that strength training could be enough to make a person feel more excited than less intensity or too frequent weightlifting exercises. 
Outdoor sports 
Combine sport inside and open space. This can reduce high blood pressure, anger, and depression. You will also be excited again in life, and more energetic. You can hike, swim in the pool was open, cycling, and yoga and pilates in the park. Make sure you also just want to exercise instead of compete. 
Socialize, make new friends, also can make you be a fun sport. For that try to join the community, looking for friends at once opponent while playing tennis. Socialization also can be built when you are exercising in a crowded place. 
While listening to music 
Our mood will be better when we listen to music while doing cardio. Music will make the sport not feel heavy. Recent studies have also found that the treadmill while watching television would be more fun.