5 Advantages of Organic Food

Concerns about the dangers of pesticides in foodstuffs make many people switch to organic vegetables or fruit. Ahmad Sulaiman, Professor of Food Safety and Nutrition, Bogor Agricultural University, revealed five advantages if we eat organically grown products. 

1 Safer chemically 

Organic food does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the planting process. However, Ahmad suggested that consumers remain cautious. "If organic vegetables rely on composted manure is not perfect, would be a lot of salmonella, and other pathogens," he said. So it should still be washed clean. But in terms of chemical content, organic products are much safer than non-organic products. 

2 More healthy body 

According to the study, organic products contain more fitokemikal, which has the function to increase the activity of enzymes that play a role in destroying carcinogenic agents. 

3 It has more nutrients 

With the growing process of organic, nutrient owned by the soil richer. "Therefore there is research that states in organic products, of iron, carotene, vitamin C and more," said Ahmad. 

4. rich flavors 

Fruits and organic vegetables have better flavor and crunchy. Some people who have a sensitive sense of taste berpestisida still say that vegetables contain a bitter taste even after washing, while organic vegetables even more delicious. 

5. generally more durable 

"This might be due to organic fruits and vegetables, perfect ripening," said Ahmad. In addition, without human intervention, organic plant has its own natural defenses against pests and weather well. It is also recognized by Albert Setiawan, from the nutritional ST Hospitals Carolus serving organic food to all patients. 

It is a common that organic products have a high enough price. Is this true? Indeed, organic kale and peppers can be obtained just one step from the door of our house.