Quality Driven Health Care

  Health and education are key to the nation's progress. Both were deemed very important in improving the quality of human. To that end, health insurance is a program that will boost the quality of health services. 

Vice President Boediono expressed it in his speech at the conferment Security Agency Primary Health Care Award, in Jakarta, Friday (3/10). To that end, the public is expected to oversee the realization of the National Health Insurance program to fit the expectations. 

Director of Health Services BPJS Fadjriadinur states, first level health care facilities (FKTP) required treatment at the same role as the center of public health promotion and prevention. For that, it needs to carry out the role of innovation in the area with a variety of conditions and challenges. 

First-level health facilities consisting of health centers, individual physician practices, clinics pratama, as well as the military and police clinic. So far, according to Fadjriadinur, roles and functions of various legal umbrella FKTP governed in JKN program. However, implementation on the ground is not optimal. Each region has its own challenges. 

service innovation 

Therefore, innovation is done FKTP the roles and functions considered essential. "There FKTP innovate to make the SMS center or call center. There is also a specialist brought from outside the area to improve public services, "he said. 

Meanwhile, Head of Health BPJS Fachmi Idris said, FKTP expected to provide a comprehensive service. So, in addition to aspects of curative and rehabilitative services that include preventive and promotive aspects. 

To find the best practices of about 17,000 existing FKTP, BPJS Primary Health Care Award was held. Later, best practices and innovative services could be an example for others so that future FKTP quality of service all FKTP increased public satisfaction. 

Yesterday, the jury BPJS Primary Health Care Award FKTP best five sets of five categories. Winners category Health Center health center is City Earth II (North Lampung) and Jijin B Irodati (Lamongan) won the individual category of physician practices. 

The Griya Husada Clinic II (Karanganyar) into the winner category pratama clinic, Medical Center Home Health Agency Navy Base II (Padang) won the category of military clinics, and clinics Bekasi Police became police category winners clinic. 

Head of the City Health Center Earth II Yoane Lisa stated, Earth City Health Center II has a superior program, which is integrated with the management of chronic diseases reflection garden and home visits. Diabetes and hypertension club made ​​an effort to manage people with diabetes and hypertension. 

It has a program to educate the public on the health. "We have a schedule of joint exercises are also medical officer to visit the patient's home. It is getting closer service to the community, "said Yoane.