5 Things You Do Not Easy to Doctors Hospital

Although working in hospitals dealing with patients, but doctors do not easily catch the disease. This is because they do a lot of prevention efforts. We also can imitate the things they do, especially when all around us are many who fall ill. 

1 Wash hands 
Doctors almost always clean their hands with soap or disinfectant before touching a patient or medical equipment. The purpose of the act is to prevent the patient is exposed to bacteria. 

Although not related to the patient, but also make it a habit to always wash your hands after touching objects used by many people, such as elevator buttons or shaking hands with people, or before eating and preparing food. 

2 Bring hand washing liquid 
In all the places in the hospital is always available hand washing liquid so that the doctor can easily clean hands anywhere. 

3 Beware of airborne disease transmission 
Bacteria can move through the air, including splash through coughing, sneezing, even while chatting. According to research, the flu virus can survive in the air as far as 1.8 meters of people who carry the virus. 

4 Perform vaccination 
There are many diseases that can be prevented through vaccination, not only in children but also adults. If you travel frequently, you should perform regular vaccination. Consult your doctor what vaccinations you should get. 

5. healthy lifestyle 
To have a strong immune system so it does not easily hurt, of course the main thing is your health in general must be primed. Although trivial but the thing to note is maintaining diet, exercise, adequate sleep, and stress control.