Teens Smoking as Influenced Ad

The cigarette industry is still advertise freely in Indonesia so affordable children and adolescents. These advertisements encourage them to try cigarettes. 

According to data from the Global Youth Tobacco Survey in 2009, 89.35 in Indonesian teens see cigarette ads on billboards, print media 76.6% and 7.7% had received free cigarettes. 

While the study of University of Muhammadiyah Prof. Hamka (UHAMKA) and the National Commission for Child Studies in 2007 showed that 70% of teens admitted to start smoking because of advertising affected, 77% said the ads lead them to continue to smoke, and 57% say the ads pushed them back to smoking after quitting. 

"One of the challenges that we all take very common in smoking control is still strong advertising promotion and sponsorship of tobacco companies.'s Done massive and intensive and focused on the children to become new smokers," said Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi in launching anti-smoking ad latest in Jakarta (10/10/14). 

The Government through the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the World Lung Foundation (World Lung Foundation) launched a national anti-smoking campaign in the form of advertising "Enjoy Quit Smoking Cigarettes Before You". 

In the public service ads displayed testimony of one of the victims of cigarette-stage throat cancer 4A, Manat Hiras Panjaitan. He has been smoking since a young age and could spend three packs of cigarettes per day. 

Hiras at the base of his throat cancer was diagnosed four years ago and underwent surgery. Now there is a hole in his throat that causes scar is difficult to speak too long. 

This ad is not only aired on national television, but also through Youtube and cinemas.