Leaders Award for Mental Health Care

The Ministry of Health gave appreciation to 9 mental health workers and social workers who have spent a lot of time to deal with mental health issues. They are considered to have dedicated and contributed to the development of mental health services in Indonesia. 

Nine recipients is a token of appreciation to dr. Nova Riyanti Joseph, SpKJ (pengagas Mental Health Act), Syarifah Yessi Hediyati (Kasie Counseling Mental Health Office of Aceh province), dr. Fadhlina (program manager of mental health and drug health center Tebet, Jakarta), Syukriyah (Mental Health Nurse Midwife in Aceh), Martha Hamun (Institution Joint Ministry in Palangkaraya Andulam, Borneo), Dr. Arni Sultan (PHC Samata, Gowa regency, South Sulawesi) , Soebagjiono (PHC Bantur, Malang, Provincial Health Office / District East Java), Dominican S.Sos (Sekadau Health Office of West Kalimantan, and Lili Suwardi (Community Care for Schizophrenia Indonesian officials). 

"The mental health workers and social workers have a high awareness of mental health. Having them improve mental health in each region, the expected implications of their efforts can also be felt by the community," said Director of Mental Health Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia, Eka Viora in Jakarta, Friday (10/10/2014). 

Eka explained, assessment criteria seen from the time of their dedication to the community for mengedukasikan and handling problems of mental disorder. Then how much impact they have developed programs for people with mental disorders and the surrounding communities. 

Appreciation is given to coincide with World Mental Health Day 2014 to the theme of Living with Schizophrenia. The Ministry of Health in cooperation with PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia, Indonesian Schizophrenia and Community Care. 

  Eka aware, sometimes the program on mental health is still underestimated. Nevertheless, this was the ninth person never tired and gave up dealing with mental health issues. 

"We hope the nine recipients are able to drive the spirit of mental health workers and other social workers to support and seek to disseminate a comprehensive education," said Eka. 

He also hopes that more health workers and social workers who are able to provide appropriate therapy for psychiatric disorders, especially schizophrenia. People with schizophrenia need to be re-active therapy and productive.