Average People in Urban Sitting 7 Hours Every Day

Spent most of the time not to move is actually a time bomb for health. In addition to obesity, people who sit too much are also susceptible to osteoporosis in old age. 

"I do not actively make the bones move," said a specialist sports, DL Tobing, Ade Jeanne campaign event "Time to Move Now" held by Anlene milk products in Celebrity Fitness, Kasablanka City Mall, Jakarta, Thursday (23/10/2014) . 

Unfortunately, most of the urban people spend time to sit down. This is illustrated by the results of consumer research poll of 2013 Fonterra Many urban communities that are not active, such as sedentary average of 7 hours per day on weekdays and 5 hours per day on weekends. Urban people also spend more time sitting in offices, cafes, and cars. 

Research also shows that only 22 percent of men and 14 percent who regularly exercise. Then, 61 women claimed to be difficult to discipline yourself to exercise regularly. The survey was conducted on 401 people, the men and women with an age range of 18-30, 31-40, 41-50 years. 

According to Ade, moving on can be done with exercise or physical activity. 

"Get used to walk, use the stairs when going up and down the floor.'s Going to load us more healthy and fresh. To prevent various diseases, be physically active at least 30 minutes a day," he said. 

Ade added, in addition to moving on, note the food intake into the body. For bone, need foods that contain calcium. 

Head of Medical Sales from Fonterra Brands Indonesia, Dr. Hadad Mansour said it also has researched the benefits of dairy calcium in men and women. The research is the result of cooperation the Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia / RSCM 2012-2013. 

"These results suggest consumption of high calcium milk twice per day can reduce the level of taking calcium from the bones and helps maintain bone calcium," said Hadad. 

To have a fit body and a disease-free, of course, must be active in sports since a young age. Through the campaign "Time to Move Now" Anlene urge people to have a more active lifestyle to keep the body healthy.