Doctors in Indonesia Needs Mental Revolution

The number of doctors in remote or underdeveloped areas is still very low, even though a lot of people who need health care. This is partly because many doctors who do not want or are not at home stationed in remote areas. 

Assistant Deputy for Health Resources Disadvantaged Rural Development Ministry, Hanibal Hamidi need to assess the mental revolution against these doctors. According to him, the physician must have a high social integrity. 

"Not only are the rich in medical school because it is expensive. While on duty was so high social sensitivity, would be placed in anywhere," said Hanibal in discussions Revolution Revolution Toward Mental Health at the University of Indonesia, Depok, West Java, on Tuesday (7/10 / 2014). 

Hanibal assess the number of physicians who choose to charge in the big city is a logical thing. They have a lot of money for the school. As a result, physicians accumulate in a city, while remote areas physician shortages. 

"Because the school is expensive, he wants to be able to task tentutnya can return the money. Logical. Humane," he said. 

According Hanibal, welfare for doctors should be guaranteed by the state. He also asked the government to ensure that medical education is not expensive, even for free. Moreover, considering the existence of schools for health personnel's. Mental revolution for doctors to be built since they get an education. 

"Ensuring the spirit of transactional distance education into the social spirit," he added. 

Professor of the School of Public Health, Hasanuddin University, Muhammad Syafar Rural Health Coordinator who also brought up the example of Sulawesi region. He said many doctors are not permanent employees (PTT) were not completed his tenure in the area. They do not want to serve in remote areas so that the return to the big cities. 

"It's become a phenomenon in the field. Several doctor PTT, for example in the field he was scheduled 3 years, but normally found in the field did not exist until three years," he explained. 

The doctors that are not monitored by the local government. Syafar say, in the area of ​​graduate doctors were difficult to obtain because of the low level of education.