"Sitting Wind", Heart Attack is Not Realize

Not without cause if heart disease was dubbed the silent killer. That's because 30 percent of heart attacks have no symptoms and lead to death. There are also many minor health problems such as "cold" or "wind sitting" which is actually a heart attack. 

A study at the University of Airlangga in the 1980s showed, when people who feel cold examined, in fact 30 percent of those affected by coronary heart disease. 

It turns out that many Indonesian people having blocked arteries coronary artery LAD (left anterior descending). The blood vessels that go to the front and bottom of the heart, so it feels like a cold. 

"The wind sits it is layman's language, which is perceived as severe colds. Usually scratched or massaged symptoms do not disappear. Actually, it was a heart attack," said dr.Jetty Sedyawan, Sp.JP (K), of the Indonesian Heart Foundation at the launch Heart and Save AXA insurance in Jakarta (10/8/14). 

Heart attacks do not realize it will cause complications in the first 1-2 hours of a heart rhythm disorder. "There has been a narrowing in the blood vessels of the heart's electrical interference, consequently beating heart not only vibrates but just so there is no supply to the brain. Tempers sudden death," he said. 

Jetty say, 90 percent of sudden death due to heart. "Heart rhythm disturbances can be caused due to various reasons, such as stress or a lack of electrolytes., But is temporary. Nah, the heart attack is a dangerous rhythm disturbances," said the doctor who became a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. 

Symptoms of a heart attack are varied, but in general the main signs to look out for is the pain in the chest a great and lasting, pain that spreads beyond the chest to the left shoulder and arm, to the back, even to the teeth and jaw. Feels shortness of breath. 

Heart attacks can also didahulu series of angina attacks (feeling of heaviness or tightness), but can occur suddenly without any prior warning. 

Heart attacks cause damage to the heart muscle due to loss of blood supply. That's why time is precious. "Time is muscle, the longer taken to hospital diminishing blood supply needed by the body," he said.