Want to Slim? Eat Potatoes

  When confused looking for healthy snacks, it's time to try to eat boiled sweet potatoes in between meals. There are at least three reasons why potatoes healthy and can even help you lose weight. 

Ideal boiled potato snack made ​​thanks to its delicious taste. Sweet potato flavor is naturally sweet without added sugar and low in calories. With so satisfying curiosity boiled potatoes to eat a sweet in the morning. We can also make the potato as an ingredient to make a dessert. 
In addition, potatoes contain healthy carbohydrates, about 33 grams per serving. Carbohydrate content in it does not cause blood sugar levels to skyrocket because of potato including foods with a low glycemic index. Eating foods low in glycemic index prevents us crave sweet foods when blood sugar levels become low. Sweet potatoes also contain compounds that increase levels of adiponectin, a hormone regulating blood sugar levels in the body. 
Several studies reveal that foods with a low glycemic index is living in our digestive tract longer, so make the stomach feel full longer. In order levels remain low glycemic index potatoes, boiled potatoes or kukuslah. Bake or fry them might damage some nutrients in it. 
The fiber content in the potato is also beneficial to maintain appetite. Fiber helps us feel full longer. One medium-size sweet potatoes contains about four grams of fiber. While the vitamin A content in the potato is a source of vitamin A to maintain a strong immune system, improve the health of the eyes, skin, bone and becomes a rich source of antioxidants.