Researched, Benefit for Breast Cancer katuk leaves

This leaves a lot of used katuk during breastfeeding mothers to increase milk production. However, other benefits of cinnamon leaf for women's breast health has not been known. Curiosity with cinnamon leaf benefits make Fitriya vet Dewi Nur Annisa (32) want to do further research. 
Mubarak said katuk leaves contain compounds that belonged flovonoid kaempferol. These compounds are known to have structural similarity to estrogen or compounds that function as the primary female sex hormone. 
Mubarak wants to know whether kaempferol compounds in cinnamon leaf can be useful to prevent the risk of breast cancer. To know that, in his research Fitr will use the normal epithelial cells of the mammary gland, or female breast. He will see whether kaempferol can protect epithelial cells from cancer. 
"I will use the normal epithelial cells that have not had cancer at all. Then I will describe kaempferol of cinnamon. Then, I would see if (epithelial cells) were challenged with cancer inducer substance, different response about baseball with a baseball exposed (kaempferol), "said Fitri in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/14/2014). 
Women graduates Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) was previously examined soy also contains flavonoids. Fitri suspect, soy also potentially reduce the risk of breast cancer. 

This time, he took the title of the study "The Effect of kaempferol katuk leaves for Cancer Prevention Potential in Epithelial Cells milk glands". He will conduct early stage research for one year at the University. 
"So initially developed from animals, but already the culture. Later primates taken from breast tissue, then already developed so cell culture, "said Mubarak. 
Research proposal was accepted by L'Oreal. Mubarak, along with two other young women awarded fellowships L'Oreal-UNESCO "For National 2014 Woman in Science".
As a veterinarian, Mubarak earlier focus on areas of comparative medicine. He studied the human health by utilizing veterinary science. His interest in women's health made ​​him want to do this research.


  1. I have questions for Drh Fitriya Nur Annisa Dewi Phd : I have an aunt who had breast cancer whom had been operated and been through chemo. Is "Lancar Asi" caps effective for breast cancer patient, since it contains "Sauropi Folium 200mg" extract? Is daun katuk effective to cure or as prevention only?


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