Sleeping Lung Cancer For 20 Years Before So Threatening

Lung cancer is a type of cancer that is usually only found in an advanced stage. It turns out this is because lung cancer can sleep in the body for 20 years before he became malignant disease. 

Research has shown that genetic mutations that lead to cancer can go undetected for nearly two decades before the advent of the triggers that make cancer cells grow rapidly. 

During this expansion there is a wave of genetic errors that appear in some areas of the tumor. Each piece develops into a different direction, which means that every part of this tumor is genetically unique. 

The results of this study are expected to open up opportunities finding ways for lung cancer detection. Moreover, nearly two-thirds of newly diagnosed cancer patients is at an advanced stage so that treatment is less effective therapy. 

"Life expectancy lung cancer relatively low, whereas targeted therapy has only little effect on the disease. By understanding how this cancer develops, it is expected the doctor can predict when lung cancer is formed," said Charles Swanton, from Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute. 

The latest study was conducted on 7 patients with cancer, including patients smokers, ex-smokers, and lung patients who had never smoked. 

The results also confirmed that the cigarette contribute to the occurrence of lung cancer. Most of the genetic errors triggered by cigarettes. But along with the progression of the disease, the majority of genetic errors triggered by new mutations in the tumor process. The number of genetic variants of this error could explain why targeted therapy in lung cancer is often not successful. 

With the new study results, experts hope to attack cancer cells before the cells began to grow.