Hampered ASI, Do not Jump Given Formula

Milk (ASI) is the best natural food for babies. Babies can grow up healthy and intelligent if exclusively breastfed for at least 6 months from the beginning of his birth. Exclusive breastfeeding was not only beneficial for the baby, but also the mother.
Unfortunately, not all mothers can produce milk abound. Often the milk flow obstructed or is not smooth. In response to this, the Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Breastfeeding (AIMI) Mia Sutanto suggested that breastfeeding mothers do not skip ahead to give formula, but rather seek donor breast milk first. Mia also respond positively if needs increased donor breast milk.
"People are increasingly aware that there are disturbances in giving her milk own baseball needs to immediately switch to formula. There is another option, which is still breastfeeding mothers breastfeeding even though other, "Mia said when met in the Indonesian Maternity, Baby, and Kids Expo at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Friday (12/05/2014).
However, donor breast milk is only a short term solution when milk production is not smooth. To overcome it, the mother needs to be accompanied by breastfeeding counselor. If the problem is resolved breast milk, breastfeeding mother can return the baby.
Giving donor breast milk can also be done to babies whose mothers have died, or when the mother is sick. This issue is a priority provision of donor breast milk. According to Mia, donor breast milk should be obtained from the closest family circle first. If no, can seek donor breast milk from a close friend, then from others.
According to Mia, benefits and exclusive breastfeeding should continue to be disseminated. He said that based on the results of Indonesia Demographic Health Survey (IDHS) in 2012, the scope of exclusive breastfeeding in Indonesia is still below 50 percent, which is about 43 percent.
He explained that many of the factors that led to the failure of exclusive breastfeeding. The main factor is the lack of education and information about the benefits of breastfeeding. According to Mia, a young couple who will have a child should know the benefits of breastfeeding, how to breastfeed right so that the milk is plentiful, and so the baby mium optimal breastfeeding.
Another factor is the promotion of infant formulas. Many young couples are easily tempted to give formula if it does not know the importance of exclusive breastfeeding.
"The right of nursing mothers should not be bothered by the promotion of infant formula. There are still many mothers home from the hospital, and then got a call from the sales that offer milk. That should not be happening, "said Mia.
Mia said, exclusive breastfeeding should have the support of her husband, family, co-workers, to health workers.