Never Looked up, Here's How to Stop Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are common in children. It usually occurs because of allergies and a thin layer of mucous in the nose bleed so vulnerable.
Nosebleeds or bleeding from the nostrils often make parents panic when stopping blood loss. Typically, the child will be asked tilting the head when a nosebleed, but this is precisely the wrong action. Tilting the head or look up the position can actually make the blood into the body.
"If you tell the child looked up, blood ngalir where? To the throat, respiratory tract, there are ketelen, when baseball allowed. Log into lungs can cough, choke, if entered into the stomach can be nausea, vomiting child so, "said the specialist Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Main Rusdian Roeslani in Jakarta, Wednesday (03/12/2014).
Rusdian say, the right way to stop it is to compress the nose with ice for 10-15 minutes. Compress in a sitting position and head slightly bowed.
  "Apply ice, push the nostrils for 10 or 15 minutes. Then breath through the mouth. Definitely stop, "he added.
According Rudsian, no need to use betel leaves to stop bleeding in the nose. Tissue stuffed into the nostrils will not help stop the bleeding. Another way to stop a nosebleed can also use nose drops.
According Rusdian, nosebleeds usually do not last long and will stop by itself. Children are often nosebleeds usually caused by a thin layer of mucous in the nose. However, if bleeding continues to occur in a long time, check the one to the doctor.
"Check the laboratory, normal blood clotting baseball or no blood disease or not? The cause must be sought first. Consult a pediatrician first, "said Rusdian.